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The minimum order is quantity 100 per design. Quantity is the
main factor contributing to the cost of the order. There are certain
set costs with the manufacturing process. Therefore, the more
patches you order the less it cost per patch.


Percentage of embroidery is determined by the amount of surface
area on the custom embroidered patch that is covered by thread.
The following diagrams can help explain embroidery percentages:


coverage defines the amount of embroidery across the
entire surface of a patch.

base our embroidery percentages upon 3 basic amounts:
50%, 75%, and 100%.

areas represent stitching, white areas represent twill.


Size is also an important element of the patch order. The larger
the patch, the more material and workmanship your order will require.
There are no average patch sizes since every patch we create is
custom made to order. Many times we let the artwork or design idea
dictate the size that will work best for your custom embroidered
The following equation is used to determine patch size:

+ width / 2


The backing you choose for custom embroidered patch order can also
contribute to the cost. The pricing we list includes PVC backing.
However, the backing you choose should be determined by how the
patches will be used:

The PVC backing is our standard backing. All custom embroidered patch
orders default to PVC backing when a specific backing is not requested.
The PVC backing is a thin coat of plastic added to the back of
the patch that seals the threads and helps the patch maintain
it’s like NEW look for many years. PVC backing is the backing
of choice when the patches are going to be sewn onto the garment
or item.


as the name implies, iron-on patches are applied to the
garment using the heat of an iron. Once applied the iron-on
patches are a permanent application. We recommend patches
with iron-on backing have a hot cut border. The hot cut
border allows for the adhesive on the back of the patch
to reach the edge and therefore every square inch of the
patch adheres to the garment.
here for examples


with Velcro backing are perfect for situations were the
patch may need to be removed or exchanged for a different
patch. The hook side of the Velcro is permanently attached
to the back side of the patch. The matching soft side of
the Velcro is included and can be sewn onto the garment.
here for examples

& Stick Backing

& Stick is a temporary reusable application. They are
great for conventions and uniforms that require frequent
name changes. Although the adhesive does work very well,

the patches will not stay on the garment permanently when
applied with the peel & stick backing.
here for examples

and Meshes:

non cost contributing element of the your custom embroidered patch
order is the border. There are two types of borders: merrow and
hot cut.


threads on an embroidered patch make up the individual stitching
found in the details.


Meshes are solid areas of material that are generally used
as a background color in a patch.


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